Morning Service @ Beth Shalom | Communities Project

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to photograph the morning service at Beth Shalom temple in Squirrel Hill.  As part of my "Communities" project, I would like to document as many different Pittsburgh communities as I possibly can.  That being said, I have special interest in the Jewish community.  Having grown up in the Soviet Union, religion has always been a taboo topic at home or at school.  Also, given the ever-present antisemitism, I did not find out that I were Jewish until I was 12.  I've been learning more about my heritage and culture in the recent years thanks to my kids, but having an opportunity to observe and document a religious service was a welcome experience.  Many thanks to Rabbi Adelson and the Congregation Beth Shalom community for welcoming me.

Stuart Day Guitars

A few days ago I had the privilege to photograph Stuart Day at his Allentown shop for my "Communities" project. 

Stuart Day has been working in high end lutherie for over a decade; he is formally trained in the construction, repair and period correct restoration of all stringed instruments. He's gained notoriety in north America, Japan and some parts of Europe for his hand crafted acoustic arch top and flat top steel string guitars and offers professional level repair and restoration services out of his shop in the Allentown neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  

Future violinist

A few weeks ago we had some friends over for a music night.  We invite friends who play various musical instruments and play anything from rock to bluegrass to pretty much anything.  This time we invited one of my colleagues - he plays the banjo and his wife plays the violin.  Daniella (who has been playing the piano for the past 3 years) became so fascinated with the violin that she immediately asked for lessons. This is us renting Daniella's first violin. 


Another visit to Norfolk and another set of photos.  My grandmother is 95 years old and is one of the most amazing people.  She still takes care of her house, cooks, cleans, keeps up with the news and insists on doing her own shopping (for the most part).  Every time I visit, I'm always afraid that it is the last time I will see her.  I always try to take as many photos as I can and I try to create as many opportunities as possible for my daughters to spend time with their great grandmother.