TLC Photoshoot

Well, my break is finally coming to it`s end. Winter months are always pretty slow as far as photography goes - very few people want to get married when it`s below zero outside. Usually I do get an odd photography job here and there between December and March. This year, given the fact that I recently bought a house and that my wife is 6 months pregnant, I decided to take a break from photography and concentrate on my family. A few days ago I got a call from John Earnest, a client of mine from back when I ran Kronos Media Arts (a company that unfortunately no longer exists). While with Kronos, I designed and coded John`s company`s website ( In the last year John has been so busy that he never had a chance to finish writing content, so the website never went live. He called me and asked me if I could help him finish this long-overdue project. I stopped by his shop and took some environmental portraits of his employees and a photo of a new cool computer-driven machine that cuts wood into shapes provided by CAD designs.